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Monday, June 3, 2013

Watch Ann Mbaru Showering Inside #BBAtheChase House [Video Download]

Oh Gosh, Those Boobs got no word for them. If there is one reason she should stay in that house, its coz of that rack
Watch and Download the Video From Mediafire (5MB) Download and share this post
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Proff- Sina Time

Not too bad a song but it is not as exciting as Niambie and Data., i have to say that i think that this song was written in like 30 minutes or something. I believe that this guy can do better.
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Twenzetu - Madtraxx & Mejja [MUST DOWNLOAD]

 So i have been out of the blogging game for a while but now i am trying to make a come back slowly dont expect much from me but this is a start that most of you could enjoy. Two of kenya's favorite artists yet in another song since Round Hii a few years ago. The video is a bit cool. watch it and judge for yourself
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Sunday, March 3, 2013


So yesternight 2/3/2012, twitter user @joewmuchiri posted a few photos of what was apparently a wet t shirt contests going down at #thecircle. The circle is a Monthly event held every 1st Saturday of the month from midday, where upwardly mobile fellows hangout, according to their twitter page. I don't know what upwardly mobile really mean. Maybe it means, how a dick goes up during an erection...... the photos did cause alot of reaction amongst people most were positive but some were negative, those ugly ass girls who think they have got moral fibre

Turn and Show us what u got
The one on the left sure does need braces
kikombe ya plastiki but then again titties always win
titties and a smile. nice
 For a better part of the night people were talking of how shameless these girls may be. well FYI, people gotta eat and education just aint for every one. Also these arent randon girls they are paid to do this i am totally waiting for it to be like in the states where random girls walk in and do it for fun and some prize money. Girls are always hate on how they have wearing bra, well here is achance to do so in public. waiting for the next one
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


i thought that this guy had died but he had just gone to the diaspora like the rest of em and do what they do best while there, not release songs. i would also like you to follow him at the time of writing he had only 60 likes. thats unfair for someone who gav us some nice stuff once upon a time. Indiginas Facebook Page
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Friday, June 22, 2012


a song on HIV/AIDS. havent heard one of those in a while. well we all need to take car of ourselves. use condoms, abstain and all that you need to do to be safe. enjoy the song This other song is pretty much a song about partying. get it and sample it for yourself. feedback is encouraged. post your comments below
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Had missed Kajairo bad and now he is back with a parody to P Unit & Sauti sol's Gentleman. Listen to it and see if Kajairo still has got it
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So quick question does DNA still do gospel ama that was just a phase? BUt it is such a brilliant jam. you have to get this. The lyrics are just insane
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